I'm proud and happy to announce that I have started to work on my own music which will be released under the name of J.K.HABE.

As soon as new songs are finished, they will be uploaded to this page for everyone to listen to, so stay tuned and enjoy!

#1 Winter's Gone

Music: J.K.HABE
Lyrics: David Bell, J.K.HABE
String arrangement: Klemens Bittmann

J.K.HABE - vocals, guitar
Klemens Bittmann - strings

Recorded & produced by J.K.HABE

#2 Changes
WhoManDog feat. J.K.HABE

Music: J.K.HABE, Raphael Meinhart, Stefan Padinger
Lyrics: David Bell, J.K.HABE

Raphael Meinhart - vibraphone, marimba
Stefan Padinger - bass, backing vocal
Thomas Mauerhofer - guitar
Burkhard Frauenlob - keyboards
J.K.HABE - vocals, drums & percussion

Recorded by Thomas Mauerhofer @ the Headroom
Produced by Raphael Meinhart, Stefan Padinger & J.K.HABE